Can I Repair the Crack in my Windshield?

Yes, in fact, repairing a crack in a windshield is usually a safer alternative to replacing the windshield.

We safely repair cracks that are 24 inches or more.  Repairing a crack preserves the Federal Motor Vehicle standards for your car.  This means that the original factory seal is not broken and your car is safer in the long run.

It’s always an advantage to keep the original glass because most replacement class is of inferior quality.  When you replace a windshield it breaks the seal, which lessens the roof strength, changes your passenger air bag function and is more likely to pop-out should you be involved in even a minor accident.

When you choose to repair a crack in your windshield,  you restore the structural integrity of the windshield, and maintain factory specified safety standards.

Drop by or call us for a free inspection of your windshield.  We’ll give you honest answers and help you make an informed decision.  530-241-8373.